Kooikerhondje from the Elder Camp, Story of Dogs


Kooikerhondje from the Elder Camp, Story of Dogs

The desire to have my own dog started very early with the thought of my health and stamina. It is known that a dog brings more movement into everyday life and not to forget that it also brings joy. But which breed of dog is right for you? This question is quite difficult and can be answered individually for everyone. And for me it was love at first sight with the Dutch Kooikerhondje.

About Kooikerhondje 


I immediately noticed the beautiful fox brown and silky fur on the Kooikerhondje. In addition, its extremely "handy" size - at around 40 +/- centimeters it doesn't take up as much space in bed (even if it is of course never allowed in there ;-)) Once I became aware of this breed, I was very interested in it to learn about them. And so began our first journey and contact with dog shows and breeders, here I got the opportunity to inspect this extremely outstanding dog breed "in person" - and my enthusiasm for these beautiful animals grew.

The "Dutch Kooikerhondje" is an old and traditional breed from the Netherlands. In 1942, during the Second World War, the Baroness van Hardenbroek van Ammerstol began to gradually revive this breed. She gave a picture of the type of dog she was looking for to a peddler and asked him to keep an eye out for such dogs. The Kooikerhondje has been officially recognized as a breed again since 1971. One of the tasks of the Kooikerhondje is primarily to lure ducks into the Koi with its happily wagging tail; It should be noted here that the Hondje lures the ends and does not chase.

The Kooikerhondje has a spirited and independent nature. A firm hand with the education is recommended, because although the Hondje looks so cute, it is a very self-confident "plush toy" with a head of its own.


So now the breed was decided and a life on the waiting list began. For such a somewhat rarer dog breed, it is important to have patience and perseverance, because the search for a right breeder in the vicinity and with a litter that just fits is often idle. But today, a good four and a half years later, my family and I are of course very happy that we have invested this time and effort, because we brought our first Kooikerhondje Fidel into the house.
How has our life changed since then? Well, for a family that had lived with cats for a good twelve years, the change was that the new baby was now barking instead of meowing, of course, initially big - albeit terribly exciting. Little by little, leashes, toys and the right “equipment” were bought, our newest addition to the family got used to all two-legged and four-legged family members pretty quickly - and we of course to him. After the question of the right leash and the right harness had been clarified, we finally continued with the feed 


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